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OF CAPTAIN LYON OF H. M. S. HECLA DURING THE RECENT VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY UNDER CAPTAIN PARRY. With a map and plates. London: John Murray, Albemarle-Street. 1824.

In 8º gr. [de 21x13 cm] com xi, 468 págs.

Encadernação da época, inglesa, inteira de pele marroquim natural, estampada com finos ferros a seco e esquadrias das pastas e lombada roladas a ouro. Folhas de guarda em papel decorativo da época. Ilustrado com 7 gravuras e 1 mapa extratexto e ainda partituras musicais no texto. 1ª edição.

Exemplar com cantos e charneiras das pastas cansados, apresentando oxidação devida a manuseamento e vestígios de tinta (pág. 93-98), oxidação de um marcador de papel (223-224), oxidação de manchas de humidade (351-354 e 435-436). A gravura em extratexto apresenta o navio HMS Hecla bloqueado pelos gelos do Ártico. O mapa (de 30x60 cm) representa a descoberta da Passagem do Noroeste pelos navios de Sua Majestade Britânica, Fury e Hecla: «General Chart shewing the track of H. M. Ships Fury and Hecla on a voyage for the Discovery of a North West Passage AD 1821-22-23»

 Dim.: In 8º gr. (21x13 cm) with xi, 468 pp.

Binding: English contemporary full Morocco, gilt tools on spine and in frames on boards. Contemporary decorative endpapers.

FIRST EDITION. Illustrated with 7 engraved similar plates after original drawings by the author.

Lande 1291: «Lyon"s drawings were also used to illustrate Parry"s Second Voyage».

Contains a folding map of the Artic with the voyages’ tracks. Copy with some foxing, thumbed, some ink spots. Contemporary binding: full calf tooled (with blind and gilt finishings) and slightly worn out at corners.

George Francis Lyon (1795-1833) was a rare combination of Arctic and African explorer. He also was a competent British naval officer, commander, explorer, artist and socialite. While not having a particularly distinguished career, he is remembered for the entertaining journals he kept and for the watercolors paintings he completed in the Arctic. In 1821 he was promoted commander and appointed to the Hecla under the orders of Captain William Edward Parry in the Fury.

The expedition, Parry"s second in the search for the north-west passage, sailed on 8 May 1821, entered the Arctic region through Hudson Strait, examined Repulse Bay and the neighboring coast of Melville peninsula, and wintered at a small island to the eastward of the Frozen Strait. The next summer they went further north and entered Fury and Hecla Strait, but the season being then far advanced they turned back, wintered at Igloolik (lat. 69°21" N, long. 81°44" W), and came home in autumn 1823, as signs of scurvy among the crew made it inadvisable to stay.

His Private Journal proved popular and there was a second edition the following year. He had a genuine interest in the 'Natives' of the countries he visited. The information recorded about the Inuit tribes that he met proved valuable to later generations of anthropologists, who relied on his journals as a reference point for their own observations.

Arctic Bibliography 10531: 'Author"s record of the second Parry expedition to Canadian Arctic waters in the Fury and Hecla, 1821-23.'

Field 961: 'Almost the entire volume is devoted to the narration of the peculiarities of the Aborigines of the Arctic regions.'

Sabin 42853: «8º, pp. xiii, (i), 468 pags. 7 plates […] The work is principally devoted to the narration of the peculiarities of the aborigines of the Artic regions. Captain Lyon’s curiosity led him to observe with great attention the habits of life and traits of character of the different tribes of Esquimaux, who were attracted by his human management of his winter quarters. Of Murrays first edition a few copies were printed on thick paper for presents containing three sets of the fine engravins by Finden, i. e. India proofs, etching and prints.»

Referência: 1710JC023
Local: M-3-C-27

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